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Premium Sports Investing is a dedicated team who are here to provide educated sports picks and turn them into a profitable long-term investment.

A bankroll is what you can afford to financially invest into a betting balance. This is something that will grow with more experience and profit. 

Bankroll management is very simple when you join us. Everything is laid out in our members portal. We educate you and guide you through the process.  

A unit is a % of your bankroll. Unit % will vary with different bettors. A brief example would be 1 unit = 1% of your bankroll. At PSI we have a higher % of a unit size at 5%. This is based on our betting strategy. We don’t place high risk bets. We find the edge and we work the edge to our favour. Someone who places higher risk bets would be in your 1%-unit category.  

No you don’t, it’s very simple and will only take a few goes to understand it. Our team can answer any questions in the process and can recommend the best bookmakers to use.

It’s very important that you follow our bankroll management system (shown in our portal) It’s structured uniquely so that we win long-term.  Investing doesn’t go in a straight line. We win overall, but we do not win every pick. This is something we teach along the way. Timing and patience of a market, quality over quantity.  

Yes, however for a person that bets very small, we would encourage that they look at this as more of an educational point of view over an investment. With time and experience you will then be able to start looking at it as an investment as your experience and bankroll will grow.

Every day is a step forward with us educational wise. There’s no specific answer to this question as everyone will be different. However, we have full confidence that with only a short amount of time in our system you will know exactly how to answer this question on your own.

With profit it comes down to personal preference, depending on where you’re at with your bankroll. Our Advice for a beginner would be to do a 50/50 split. 50% ROI cash into what you please. 50% to grow your bankroll. EG, $200 bettor is up $16,800.00 in 12 months. Our advice would be to cash $8,400.00 to do as you please. Invest $8,400.00 to grow a bigger bankroll. You would see a significant increase in unit size with no risk. EG, you would go from a $200 bettor to a $800.00 bettor without any risk just a bigger bankroll. This means with similar ROI 12 months later you would go from $16,800.00 to $67,200.00 in profit. Yes, these numbers are based off our ROI to date. (TAX FREE).



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